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ADHD and Autism Testing

Psychological testing can provide clarity for both adults and children in order to have better insight into themselves as well as an opportunity to seek and obtain a variety of other services. Our Psychology Associate, Shawntel Fitzgerald, has years of experience providing testing in a variety of areas and will be supervised by Shalena Heard, PhD.

Why you might want to get tested...

  • You love taking a good quiz and are always looking to know yourself better!

  • You are pretty sure you have ADHD or Autism because you spend COVID learning all about them on social media (we love tiktok too! And we think your opinion is a valid part of the diagnostic process!)

  • You aren't sure if you (or your kid) has ADHD or Autism or maybe just lots of Neanderthal DNA (we can't actually help with the last one but it's a super interesting google!)

  • You KNOW you have ADHD but a new medication provider is requiring documentation before being willing to prescribe stimulants

  • You're in a work or education setting and are preparing to ask for accommodations so you can navigate challenges more successfully.

Special Focus: Adults, People of Color, Trans FolKS, Women 

We know that many people have felt unseen by other providers who miss symptoms or refuse to diagnose due to the varying presentations of ADHD and Autism. As part of our goal to provide safety, we are working to develop testing that is more inclusive and expansive to better reflect the experiences of people beyond the DSM! This is a work in progress and we welcome any feedback or questions you may have!

Testing Breakdown

FYI - Testing will typically take place on Tuesdays - virtually. In person testing sessions will be available if requested or Shawntel assesses that it is necessary. There is an additional fee for in person testing.

1. You will meet with our Psychology Associate, Shawntel Fitzgerald for an Initial session of about an hour to discuss your history, concerns, and questions

2. You and Shawntel will complete about 4-5 Hours of testing typically in 1 session

3. Shawntel will spend about 4-5 hours assessing and interpreting your results and creating a report that will include details about the assessments, what the results mean, treatment suggestions, and any applicable diagnoses

4. A final wrap up session will take place where you and Shawntel will review the report and you will be able to ask any questions you have about it and then she will provide you with a digital copy.

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