Shawntel Fitzgerald

Shawntel Fitzgerald LGPC

she/her/hers pronouns

Shawntel is the newest member of our Flock! She worked with Lexa and Jessica at the beginning of their careers! 

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"I help people heal from toxic relationships and make them bulletproof"

I have always been fascinated by behavior, why people do what they do. So I studied and
majored in psychology and started administering psychological assessments to examine
behavior. While I enjoyed utilizing tests to answer questions about behavior, I found myself
wanting to spend more time talking and engaging with the people I was testing. To this end, I
added therapy to my repertoire working in schools with elementary and middle school aged
children. I worked with students in Maryland and in Philadelphia. Therapy with children evolved
into therapy with older teenagers and then adults.

While I approach therapy from a person centered and cognitive behavioral approach, I am
comfortable with utilizing other evidenced based interventions that my clients may need. I am
also very fond of using humor in therapy as well as a way to make my clients feel more
comfortable and at ease.

Fun facts: I am Mom to four girls. I love watching horror movies, especially 80's horror movies,
creating mosaic art, and enjoying a good cup of coffee.