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Picture of Kelly Pillard

Kelly Pillard LMSW


Graduate Level Therapist and Addiction Specialist

Supervisor: Jessica Fener

It was never a question of whether or not I would pursue psychology, but more of a question of what my focus would be. Ever since I can remember, I was drawn to learn more about how the mind works. I mean… my leisure reading selections were full of titles about the worlds most notorious serial killers, cults and gangs. In undergrad, I worked in an applied neuro-technologies lab, where I got a better sense of science and research (e.g. studies for folks with TBI, MS, seizure disorders, and special populations). Ultimately my interest in addictions counseling won out over neuroscience, but I’ve been able to combine both of these interests by helping people using evidence-based practices. 


I completed my BS at Drexel University in 2009 and I’ve worked in mental and behavioral health ever since. This includes intensive outpatient, Methadone Maintenance, street outreach, housing programs, OMHC, and inpatient hospital settings. Eight years later, I chose Temple University’s School of Social Work to continue my education with a Clinical focus. More recently, I moved to Baltimore to be closer to my partners. They agreed to the condition that we’d visit Philly whenever I want - which is good since I’m STILL looking for an acceptable cheesesteak in Charm City….


All cheesiness aside (see what I did there?), I am committed to providing a warm, safe, non-judgmental environment where our work together will lead to substantial improvements on challenges that interfere with achieving your optimal quality of life. My specialization is in supporting adults with altering their self-defeating patterns. This can include substance use, process addictions, and other behavioral health challenges. I offer a variety of evidence-based psychotherapy and trauma informed treatments, but I primarily operate on the notion that our thoughts influence how we feel and behave (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). We’ll laugh, you’ll (possibly) cry, and it’ll be work, but it *will* work. 


While I typically work with adults on an individual basis, I have experience with and knowledge of polyamorous relationships and folks living alternative lifestyles. As such, I am happy to work with couples and polycules who seek support and short term intervention for their goals. 


I live and practice with the philosophy in mind that human beings are always evolving. There are times when it becomes more difficult to sift through your current situation and determine that which is helping you evolve, and that which is not. I feel that therapy for individuals, couples, or families can play a critical role in this process. So whether the decision to seek therapy was an easy one for you, or you find yourself, dragging your feet a bit, know that being on the precipice of change can feel destabilizing at times. I’m here to help you navigate through this, and find your most evolved self. 


Fun facts about me: queer, a birth mom and bonus mom, trying reaaaal hard to keep my streak going on duolingo, a jigsaw puzzle and sudoku enthusiast. 

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