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Picture of Ray Moneypenny

Ray Moneypenny LCSW-C


Clinical Level Therapist
Maryland Board Approved Supervisor for Social Workers

Maryland Social Worker License 22199

I have always enjoyed the process of digging deep and discovering who someone is and what they really care about. In my early career, I was working as a middle school mathematics teacher when I realized I got more out of building relationships with my students than any other parts of the job. At the end of one of my own therapy sessions, I asked my therapist how to be a therapist, and that led me to social work school.


My therapeutic approach begins by focusing on a trusting relationship and understanding the goals my client seeks to achieve in our work together. My identities as a Queer, non-binary and transgender clinician may be important to others exploring their gender or simply hoping to work with someone in community. I always acknowledge other factors of identity which may impact our work, including race, class, education, citizenship status, etc., and I seek to dismantle and subvert systems of oppression in and outside of the therapy space. 


I have spent most of my career working with survivors of acute and complex relational trauma, and my greatest passion is supporting LGBTQIA+ individuals, especially gender expansive and transgender people navigating transition. I primarily work individually with older adolescents and adults, and also enjoy work with couples (or other intimate relational systems, i.e. Vs or triads) hoping to improve their communication skills, to explore or navigate non-monogamous or BDSM lifestyles, or to manage life events or adjustments, including exploring sexuality or pursuing gender transition.


I utilize an integrative approach, and draw from a variety of treatment techniques including, but not limited to: talk therapy, mindfulness and meditation, and somatic or movement work. Modalities I often incorporate into the therapy space include relational therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy. I believe in strengths-based assessment, where instead of focusing on “symptoms,” we recognize how you have adapted to survive given your culture, experience, and history, and how some of those adaptive behaviors may no longer be helpful to you.


I know that figuring out who you are, what you want, and how to build a life you truly feel safe in and enjoy can be an overwhelming and sometimes difficult process. I have witnessed therapy transform people’s lives, and I strive to foster an environment where you are comfortable and feel safe to explore, be vulnerable, and dig into the messy work of growth and healing. You deserve the joy of living with peace and authenticity, and I hope to help you discover that for yourself!


Fun Facts: I love puzzles and word games, I have three cats and they (or their tails) will likely make appearances in our sessions, I got my Masters in Social Work from the University of Maryland, I live with my partners in Baltimore City, I think gender is a playground, and I definitely want to hear about your favorite new fidget or sensory toy.

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