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CoTenacious Therapy is a therapy practice dedicated to fostering the emotional and mental enrichment and development of clients of all ages. We are located in Maryland - virtually - and offer individual, couple, polycule, family, and group therapy. We strive to be inclusive in our practice and our work.

For some, seeking therapy happens at a vulnerable time in life. CoTenacious Therapy & Our Therapists are dedicated to creating a safe environment that promotes and values respect, and holds an appreciation for diversity & inclusion. We are a social justice oriented practice and with that comes self-disclosure. We are happy to discuss our positions on a variety of issues and we know that politics cannot be removed from therapy in the same way they cannot be removed from life. Conversations about power, privilege, and lived experiences are a necessary part of therapy so that our clients know they are safe with us. 

Our clients and therapists are diverse in age, gender identity, gender expression, sex, sexual orientation, relationship orientation, relationship structures, family structures, marital status, parental status, race, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, political affiliations, religious ideals, spiritual orientations, socioeconomic status, physical and cognitive ability(ies), life experiences and perspectives.

Our Approach

Custom, Inclusive,
Evidenced Based Therapy

What Makes Us Different?

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At CoTenacious Therapy, clients come first - and that includes making sure to keep providing outstanding features that make us a comfortable and welcoming place to visit.

Secure Client Portal

Our client portal allows our clients to join sessions from anywhere in Maryland, access their billing information, and message their therapists quickly and easily.

Enhanced Client Outcomes

CoTenacious Therapy uses a variety of measurement and assessment tools along with a client portal that encourages collaboration and goal tracking to bring our clients an engaging experience both in and out of sessions!

Community Involvement

All of our clinicians participate with ProBono Counseling in order to help our community members access treatment during times of limited resources.

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