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Our Approach

Custom, Inclusive, Evidenced Based Therapy

CoTenacious Therapy is a therapy practice dedicated to fostering the emotional and mental enrichment and development of clients of all ages. We are located in Maryland virtually and offer individual, couple, polycule, family, and group therapy. We strive to be inclusive in our practice and our work and welcome you!

Therapy can be a scary and vulnerable place to be at times but CoTenacious Therapy & Our Therapists

are dedicated to creating a safe environment that promotes & values respect & appreciation for diversity & inclusion.

Our clients and therapists are diverse in age, gender identity, gender expression, sex, sexual orientation, relationship orientation, relationship structures, family structures, marital status, parental status, race, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, political affiliations, religious ideals, spiritual orientations, socioeconomic status, physical and cognitive ability(ies), life experiences and perspectives.

What Makes Us Different

At CoTenacious Therapy, clients come first - and that includes

making sure to keep providing outstanding features

that make us a comfortable and welcoming place you want to visit.

Client Portal

Theranest Icon


Electronic Health Record

Theranest allows our clients to join sessions from anywhere in Maryland, access their billing information, and message their therapists quickly and easily.

Client Outcomes

Blueprint Certified as a measurement based care provider Badge

Assessments and Symptom Tracking

CoTenacious Therapy has partnered with Blueprint Health to bring our clients a robust assessment tool that allows for regular communication between client and therapist.

Community Involvement

Pro bono Counseling Project Banner

Working with the

ProBono Counseling Project

All of our clinicians participate in the ProBono Counseling Project in order to help our community access treatment during times of limited resources.

A Note from The Founders 

     Jessica and Lexa created this practice based on a combined 28 years experience in the mental health field. As longtime friends, "framily" if you will, starting a practice together has allowed us to extend our relationship in to our business and use it to ground us.

     We want to create a practice that is integrated with the community, safe for its therapists and clients,​ transparent in all regards, and full of friendship and support. We aspire to create a clinical home for other like-minded therapists so they can work a reasonable amount, have w-2 employment in private practice, avoid burnout, and earn a great living. We strive to ensure all of our clinicians are trained to provide optimal care including Maryland Ethics, Telehealth, LGBTQIA+ and Cultural Competency.

     Thank you for going on this journey with us! Feel free to email us with any questions, concerns, or feedback! Owners@CoTenaciousTherapy,com 

We so look forward to working with you!

Lexa and Jessica

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